Aging legacy systems are trusted as “systems of record”, but can become systems that are not understood, where skills are increasingly difficult to source, and can lead to a reluctance to change because of risk. This reduces business flexibility.

Wholesale replacement as a programme carries high risk and is very costly, and benefits are not realised until the last component is delivered.

QTM’s service offering is simple to state and difficult to do: to take the best of agile service development (TDD, CI, micro-services, …) and apply it to incrementally transform the legacy estate – safely – to a Cloud-hosted agile service set:

  • We recognise that each organisation is different
  • We bring many years of experience of the development, running and transformation of large IT estates, both commercial and Government
  • Deep experience of the development of large-scale “digital by default” agile projects

Mandatory engagement with the business ensures continuously delivered value for the customer and the organisation. We do this through our SPRINT© approach. Call us for more information.