Mike Avery

1962 – 2017

Mike was one of our founder directors, and a prime mover of QTM, both in what we do and the way we do it.

Mike started his working career in 1987 for the Inland Revenue as a trainee Computer Programmer. Over time he became a very skilled manager and mentor of people, and expanded his management of very large teams and very large IT systems which, with the transfer to EDS, culminated in his leadership of a department of over 1800 IT professionals.

He was also instrumental in the successful transition of over 2500 staff to CapGemini, where he was appointed Director of Business Applications.

As COO of SDLC Solutions Ltd he grew the company dramatically to a point they were acquired by the NCC Group. Under his guidance SDLC also achieved ISO9001 and ISO27001 accreditation and IIP recognition as well as establishing an offshore delivery partnership.

At Test Direct Ltd, again as COO, he in turn helped the company grow rapidly whilst transforming their business and client processes, and moved their mode of operation from a purely technical “shop” to a much more client focussed organisation, creating a solid foundation for growth. Under his guidance, Test Direct Ltd also achieved ISO9001.

When launching QTM with his fellow directors, Mike wanted to establish something reflective of the focus and ethos he had espoused throughout his association with both the large and the small companies over his career. He had learned a lot about what worked and what didn’t – what translated well from the big corporates and what benefits a small company can bring to business.

What is important was clear. Working with people, not resources, and building a business of colleagues and friends. And this is the basis on which QTM Global Services ltd was founded.

This ethical, friendly and human approach is the heart of QTM, and is a concept and attitude embraced by, not only Mike, but Tricia and Bob, his fellow directors, and the rest of the senior team at QTM.

Mike Avery was instrumental in establishing this spirit, and leading QTM with his passion and strong work ethic. Our company’s drive, inspired by his example, and determined personality is key to our business strength and the cornerstone for our growing business

Mike’s legacy will not be forgotten and will and remain a fundamental part of QTM Global Services Ltd.

Mike Avery